Cancelled Vacation

PicMonkey Collage

I had big plans for this week’s Assignment Bank.  On Tuesday I went through the visual assignments and chose this assignment.  The reason: I was scheduled to go to San Diego with my boyfriend for five days of beaches and pools and California!  This would be the perfect occasion to do a visual assignment.  However, the travel Gods did not allow this to happen.

I’m sure many of you have heard about the problems that Southwest has been having the past few days.  Basically, we were scheduled to leave at 6PM, our flight got delayed three times, and was eventually cancelled.  CANCELLED! So I spent the next several hours standing in lines in order to speak to an employee and figure out a way to get our bags back, which is a lot more complicated that I would have expected.

I was planning to go for a walk in San Diego and take pictures and make a beautiful collage… sad face.  Instead, I give you all the 10 step photo collage I was able to take from line at the airport.  Just look at those lines, yeesh!


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