Wonder Woman vs. Carbs

wonder woman carbs 2

For this week’s Mashup Assignment I combined a picture of Wonder Woman wielding a bow and arrow on top of a picture of lots of bread.

The motivation behind this image is interesting.  Diabetes runs in my family.  My parents, who are already very healthy and active, have recently added to their healthy lifestyle.  They have all but cut out simple carbohydrates from their diet.  What is a simple carbohydrate, you ask? For a comprehensive explanation of carbohydrates, click here.

Basically, simple carbohydrates turn to glucose (sugar) quickly and should be avoided.  Examples of simple carbs include: breads, crackers, cookies, chips, etc. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and provide more nutrients to the body; these should not be avoided.  Examples of complex carbs include: vegetables and fruits.

In learning more about the diet that my parents have begun it sounded very difficult and the first thing that came to my mind was how I would have to be a superhero to avoid all kinds of simple carbohydrates… hence Wonder Woman.  If anyone has will power, it’s her!




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