“Game Changer: Amy Cuddy, Power Poser” – Week 3 Story Critique


This week I chose a story from Time Magazine about “Power Poses.” I have previously seen the full TedTalk by Amy Cuddy about her research into Power Poses, but this was a shorter story put together by Time Magazine, and it was pretty interesting.

People convey their power, or lack thereof, through nonverbal displays.  Most people don’t know what they are communicating to other people through their body language.  Amy Cuddy and colleagues researched whether a change in a person’s body language equals a change in the way that person feels and/or behaves.  She simplifies this research by asking, “Can you fake it ’til you make it?”

I will focus on the following three traits when discussing this story further:

Content Understanding – How well did the student meet the academic goals of the assignment and convey an understanding of the material addressed?

  • Amy Cuddy mentions in the video that she is a professor at Harvard Business School and has been doing research on this topic for many years.  While this video is much shorter than the original TedTalk, Amy is still able to convey her understanding of the material and the important implications that it has for most people.

Research – Was the student’s project well researched and documented?

  • Absolutely.  Once again, however, I find that the meat of the information is more prevalent in the original TedTalk.  When comparing both videos, I realize that this Time Magazine version seems to leave out some background information about the study and about Amy as an individual.  That being said, I would suggest that people watch the TedTalk instead of this condensed version to better understand the research and the findings.

Presentation/Performance – How effective was the student’s actual presentation or performance? 

  • Within this short video, Amy did a good job breaking down the information for the viewer.  It is interesting to compare this story to the TedTalk, which has more a presentation/performance feel to it.  There is more media implemented into the TedTalk as well.

Overall, I enjoyed this version of the Power Pose discussion, but I prefer the TedTalk especially for those looking to gain a full understanding of ‘Power Poses’.  After watching this story, and thinking about my recent trip to ComicCon, I though it was vital that I post the image of Wonder Woman (mixed with Rosie the Riveter) demonstrating her Power Pose.  Ahhh-mazing, am I right?!


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