“Run Your World” – Week 1 Digital Story Critique


This week I watched the digital story titled “Run Your World” by Madelein de Bruin.  I found it on the website Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling.  This website has lots of great digital storytelling examples that fit into many categories.

I chose this specific story because I want to focus on health/nutrition as my theme throughout this semester.  This video tells the story of a woman who was unhappy and not in good health and so she tried to start running.  Slowly and for short distances at first, but quickly and for marathon distances eventually.

For this critique I will focus on the following three traits:

Story – How well did the story work? This trait can address structure, engagement, character transformation or any of the other qualities of story.

  • This story was well planned out and had a clear purpose.  Madelein is trying to inspire others to find a hobby in exercise like she did.  By sharing her experience transitioning from a woman with poor health and poor exercise habits to a woman with great habits and much better health, she hows how powerful exercise can be in people’s lives.  Madelein illustrates for the audience what her goals were when she started, how they changed, and how she was able to accomplish them.

Flow, organization, pacing – Was the story well organized? Did it flow well, moving from part to part without bumps or disorientation?

  • This story was organized in a way that made it easy to understand by the audience.  There were clear sections to the story:  Beginning – Madelein explaining what she felt like/lived like before she fell in love with running.  Middle – Madelein explaining how and why she decided to try running and how she felt almost immediately; after being able to run for four minutes without stopping, she didn’t want to stop running ever again.  End – Madelein explains where she is now, in terms of exercise, outlook on life, goals, etc.

Sense of audience – How well did the story respect the needs of the audience?

  • This story is geared towards people that are not regular exercisers and who have trouble finding the motivation or reason to exercise.  Throughout the video Madelein makes suggestions for how people who are wanting to start exercising can fit it into their lives and how they can keep motivated and eager to continue.  Although she has worked her way up to running marathons, Madelein is very humble about the place that she started which I think allows the audience to connect and relate to her more.  Many of the technological resources that she lists will be helpful to those hoping to start their exercise journey.

I enjoyed this video.  It is always nice to see people develop positive and life changing goals and habits.


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