“Unknown Caller”


The only thing they told Damon was to answer the phone when it rang. Even though they didn’t explain what would happen if he didn’t, he knew they would begin on their promise to hurt his family. How did this happen? Sure he worked for the CIA, but he always thought of himself as a paper-pusher, too afraid to apply as a field agent. He had the athleticism and intelligence to surely pass any “examination” they threw at him, but still he wasn’t prepared for a rejection from his dream job quite yet. As he looked down at the phone in his hands, now cut and dirty from a skirmish with his kidnapper, he began to think through the situation he was in. Apparently the paper he had been “pushing” for two years was more important than he thought.

He knew they would be monitoring the phone, so it would be impossible for him to make a call. If only he could contact someone for help. Anyone.

Damon felt a vibration in his hand and looked down. The small black cellphone lit up, and the words “Unknown Caller” appeared on the small screen. As he brought the phone to his ear, and before he answered, he thinks to himself, “these bad guys sure have outdated technology; this phone model is almost as old as I am.”

“…Hello…?” Damon says sheepishly to the mysterious stranger at the other end.

“Tell me where it is.”

(See original assignment here)


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